मंगलवार, 8 मार्च 2016


 Happy women's day ladies!
This women's day empower yourself with the
strength of the inspiration from your own scriptures.

Teachings and blessings in
Vedic literature at the time of
departure of the bride to her
in laws home.

“O Bride, radiant as the Sun, mount this all-hued,
golden-tinted, strong wheeled,
highly brilliant car, gently rolling,
bound for the world of life immortal.
Make for your husband a happy bridal procession.”

(R.V. 10.85.20)

“Be an empress over your father-in-law,
an empress over your mother in-law,
be an empress over your husband's sisters,
and an empress over
his brothers too.”

(R.V. 10.85.46)
“Rise over conflicts and calamities,
exceed your husband,
and your children in dignity and pride
and be you famous.”

(Ap.MB. 1.6.5)

“May you radiate over the daughters-in-law
in your new home,
over all the children and the property,
over your husband and his brothers and
over all the community.”

(Ap.MB. 1.6.7)

“Those who are at cross purposes
and opposed to the wedded couple
may they not succeed.
May the hard path of life be crossed by pleasant
May all the forces of evil shrink away.”

(R.V. 10.85.32)




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